Angas Securities takes corporate governance seriously. We aim to achieve superior and sustainable financial performance while meeting expectations of sound corporate governance.

Angas is supervised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’).

ASIC issues Australian Financial Service Licences (‘AFSL’) having regard to the following factors:

    • Regulatory and compliance history of the company
    • Knowledge of AFS Law and ongoing education programme
    • Nature of the financial product to be licensed
    • Outsourcing of any resources intended to be utilised
    • Financial resources of the company
    • Other resources, including personnel and technology
    • Product knowledge, industry knowledge and maintaining relevant industry codes and practice
    • Organisational expertise appropriate to deal in the financial product
    • Dispute resolution processes - internal and external
    • Specified compensation arrangements supported by security bond
    • Risk management arrangements appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity of the business.

Under the terms of the Angas’ AFSL and for the comfort of our stakeholders, Angas is required to hold professional indemnity insurance. This cover exists for our protection and the protection of investors. Angas has never made a claim on this cover.

The Board of Directors oversees the overall corporate governance of Angas Securities, including its strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals.  Ultimately, however, all members of Angas Securities – directors and staff – actively engage in upholding the values to which the company aspires. Please click to download Angas’ Corporate Governance Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy.

Angas Securities has also established an Audit Risk Management and Compliance Committee (“ARMCO”) with responsibilities for oversight and supervision of compliance arrangements. The Board of Angas Securities has established ARMCO to assist its discharging those responsibilities. Please click to download Angas’ ARMCO Charter.