Angas Securities is regulated by ASIC and holds AFS Licence 232479. It acts as Responsible Entity and Fund Manager for Angas Prime and Angas Direct.

Angas Prime provides investors with a target rate of return from a pool of loans secured by registered first mortgages.  Investor funds are pooled together and invested collectively.  Each investor has a proportionate share in the entire portfolio of Angas Prime rather than a specific interest in any particular mortgage. For more information please see the Angas Prime website.

Angas Direct offers investors access to invest directly into first mortgages secured by real estate property. ACMF is an ‘umbrella’ fund that comprises numerous individual mortgage investments. The PDS contains a registration form for an investor to initially become a member of the Fund and be eligible to recieve a syndicate PDS for mortgage investments. Each mortgage investment security property stands alone and each has a Syndicate PDS containing an application form that allows an investor to opt to invest in a particular mortgage investment. For more information please view the Angas Direct page.