Fixed Interest Securities (Debentures)

The Angas Securities Debenture Fund is now closed to new investments.

Recent Debenture Holder Run-Off Update letters from Angas:

  -   December 2018
  -   October 2018
  -   July 2018
  -   April 2018 
  -   January 2018

On 26 July 2017, Justice Beach of the Federal Court of Australia ordered that the Company hold a meeting of its Debenture Holders on 16th August 2017 to consider a proposed extension of its run-off schedule. The interim result for the resolution put to the meeting can be viewed here: Debenture Meeting Poll Results.

A list of all recent Angas Securities NSX Updates are available for viewing.

Any enquiries from existing investors in the Debenture Fund should be directed to the Angas Securities Investor Relations team on 1800 010 800.