Angas Securities Commercial Mortgage Lending

Angas Securities (‘Angas’) provides finance against prime commercial, residential or industrial real estate, which must be secured by a registered mortgage.

Angas provides business or investment loans only on a fixed rate fixed term basis, normally up to 1 year. Consumer regulated loans will not be considered.

The material required to support or verify a loan application will depend on the structure and complexity of the proposal. Collateral security may be required.

Angas will generally lend up to 70% of the valuation of a security property, but each application will be assessed on its merits on a case by case basis.

Angas will also consider development and construction finance with lending up to 70% of the end-value of the development (conditions apply).

Independent valuation of prime security will be required, instructed by Angas.

All loans are interest-only, payable monthly in advance. Pre-paid interest from the drawdown will be considered as an alternative to monthly serviceability.

All credit approval authorities and funding is supplied by Angas. Approved loans will settle if Angas credit terms are met.

Please call us (08) 8410 4343 to discuss any lending proposals, indicative terms and conditions.