Angas Prime Concentrates on the Fundamentals

December 2018

Angas Prime actively manages and maintains cash flow forecasts that demonstrate the Fund’s ability to meet its ongoing obligations. These forecasts are actively maintained and reported to the Angas Securities Board on a monthly basis. Angas Prime aims to retain appropriate cash in order to meet the needs of reasonably foreseeable withdrawal requests whilst balancing the objective of maximising returns. Maintaining sufficient available cash is subject to short term fluctuations that are an inevitable consequence of the timing of inflows to and outflows from the Fund.

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New Product Disclosure Statement Released

September 2018

Angas Prime is a fund manager of a pooled first mortgage fund that is owned by its investors. Its objective is to pay market leading returns from investments in the Mortgage Loan Portfolio.

Compliance Program is More Important Than Ever

August 2018

Angas Prime is a Managed Investment Scheme regulated by Chapter 5C of the Corporations Act. Angas Securities, as the Responsible Entity for Angas Prime has put in place a Compliance Plan which sets out how investor funds are dealt with.

Profitable Opportunities for First Mortgage Investors

July 2018

Banks are retreating from the commercial lending space to concentrate on core business. So too are many non-bank lenders whose loan portfolios and lending experience is dominated by domestic residential lending. These market forces are creating profitable opportunities for Angas Prime and its investors. Angas Prime specialises in fully secured short term lending to the commercial property market.


End of Financial Year is Approaching

June 2018

Invest Now for a Target Rate of 6.5% p.a. Paid Monthly

As the end of the Financial Year approaches, many private investors are reviewing their portfolios with an eye to balancing capital growth with cash returns. The Angas Prime Income Fund (“Angas Prime”) offers investors a Target Rate of cash paid monthly which is based on the expected performance of the Fund over the next quarterly period. Angas Prime has met its Target Rate each and every month since the Fund was launched.

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Delivering Solid Yields to Private Investors

February 2018

Competition and choice drives prosperity in the investment market.

A prosperous and successful society will generally exist where individuals have the benefit of a range of investment options.

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